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July 24, 2020 2 min read

It is exciting to go with friends and family on the trip. But, there are times when traveling solo will be good for you. Not only do you get to know yourself better, but it will also enable you to get out of your comfort zone.

Let’s explore 8 reasons why you should consider traveling solo:


The excitement of going on that trip is one, but the fears of the unknown may keep you on your toes! Solo travel helps you know yourself better. You will have to deal with different experiences. For example, you will have to deal with different cultures if you venture into a whole new country! You will be left with making your own decisions and will have to deal with the consequences.

Builds confidence

As a solo traveler, you need plenty of confidence to enter into that new club by yourself or go on that boat cruise. With time, your confidence will be built if it was on shaky grounds in the first place. You will no longer second yourself on whether or not you should tackle a given activity for example.


You don’t have to worry about catering to other people on a solo trip. All the expenses you incur will be yours. You know the budget you have to work with and you keep it in mind no matter where you go or what activities you participate in.

Make new friends

Traveling solo will introduce you to new friends. When your confidence is built after a few trips, you will find that it is no big deal to chat up strangers. When you visit the local hangout spots, you will get to learn more about the place you are visiting if you chat with the locals.

Choose where to go and when

As a solo traveler, you don’t have to worry about following the group route. You get to plan your route and the places you wish to visit. You get to plan which activities excite you and which ones don’t.

Learn a new language

In a group trip, you may not be inspired to learn a new language but as a solo traveler, you may find that learning a few words will ease your travel. As such, you will be encouraged to talk to the locals and learn how to say some things such as “hello” or how to ask for directions or where the bus stop is.

Love “me-time”

As a solo traveler, you get to spend plenty of time on your own. If you were used to being in a group for any activity, you will appreciate the experience of enjoying some “me time”. If you hadn’t already, solo travel will help you appreciate your self and learn to enjoy your company.

Build your resilience

You may be faced with challenges that try your capabilities on your solo travel. When you get out of them, you will appreciate your resilience and the experience will help build it some more. Solo travel is not easy, but it is worth it once you learn to embrace whatever hurdles come your way and learn to find solutions to problems on the fly!

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